Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top Secrets For Driving Traffic Directly to Your Blog

When you are have created your website you probably feel as proud as a new parent. After all you have just watched the birth of your own idea and now it's time for the first few toddling steps. Driving the traffic to your blog is next on the agenda and this is a crucial step to ensuring the success of your site. You have to hook the public with your content and ideas. You may have decided on a self-hosted site, or perhaps you opted to use WordPress or Blogger. The platform you choose really won't matter that much, as far as generating traffic goes, because there are some specific guidelines that are always going to be used to bring the traffic to your blogging doorstep.

The majority of bloggers will know that SEO is critical when it comes to getting the exposure and online visibility that is necessary to succeed. After all the basic reason a blog exists is to attract readers and generate customers. Search engine optimization can not be ignored and there are some great resources for you to use to help you get your online blog off to a blazing hot start.

When you are first getting interest generated about a blog you can count on Squidoo and Hubpages to give you a hand. This gives you a place to create your own lenses and hubs that deal with your particular blog niche. Once you have taken this step it is easy to create the links to your blog site with either the direct link connections or by using the RSS feed. These link modules are available on both Squidoo and Hubpages.

Do not overlook the help that other blogs can give you. If you leave some comments on a number of closely related blog sites it can mean a big boost to your own traffic. Make your comments informative, even if they are not very lengthy. A one or two word comment will not catch the eye of anyone, but a more relevant remark can provoke interest from a number of readers. Avoid using those overworked, repetitive comments that pop up so frequently because they are not being read by anyone. In other words, be at least a little creative in your posting.

For successful traffic you need to take advantage of the benefits that you can gain when you use social bookmarking. It will probably work to your advantage to be a little choosy and begin by bookmarking a limited number of these sites with your posts. If you cast your net too wide it will come across as SPAM, which is a definite no-no. Reddit and Stumble Upon are a couple of prime places to begin your bookmarking tactics. In addition to the limited posts, make sure that you bookmark for others because this will make it seem that you are really part of the social network and not circling the community like a shark in the ocean.

You can also reap some rewards for your blogging efforts by connecting with the social networking sites that are currently in high demand. Facebook and Twitter are two good choices to focus your efforts on. Remember that you need to keep your niche in the forefront of your mind as you build a profile and start creating your own interconnected community. Once more you need to keep communication as important as your task of creating links to your own site and products.

Forums with related ideas and information can help you gain exposure and create a familiarity with the public. The more familiar your name and site becomes the more likely people will want to do business with you. To get your name moved to the top of the list in your niche markets try searching Google by typing in "the name of your niche + forum". This should provide you with the target listings that you will need to begin this plan of attack.

What you want to do is to use these methods to build trust and familiarity with a large network of people on the Internet. This will help you create friendships and generate some much needed exposure online. As people begin to feel comfortable with your name and site, it will make them more inclined to purchase products from you, which is good for your online business.

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