Saturday, August 1, 2009

5 Quick Ways For College Students To Make Money Online

I received an email the other day from a College Student wanting to know how they could make extra money online. The email stated they didn’t have a lot of time because of their studies. So after giving it some thought, I came up with a list of 5 quick ways college students could make extra money online.

Here are my suggestions to the emailer.

1. Read Emails - Taking Online Survey’s, etc: In my opinion, this isn’t as easy as Project Payday, but it’s real close. There are companies that receive thousands of emails every day that need to be read. Obviously the CEO or other employees can’t spend every day reading emails, so they outsource this. There are several companies where they outsource this type of work as well as other tedious, time consuming chores such as product testing, online surveys, online mystery shopping and other. Send Earnings is one such company that other companies outsource to. Consumers such as you sign up and are normally paid on a per assignment completed basis. The pay varies by what type of assignment you choose. You choose where you want to make money. Click Here to learn more or to sign up for this opportunity.

2. Become a Freelance Writer - Can you Write a sentence? Then you may have what it takes to make money as a Freelance Writer. You don’t have to have a degree in English either. In fact, if you can write in an easy to read manner, you have what it takes to make money writing Web content, short stories and other media. You can sell articles on Forums like DigitalPoint and SitePoint, but don’t expect to make a whole lot. Or you can sign up for a service like Freelance Home Writers. Basically this is a job board for Writers where Companies and Individuals needing Writers post their offers. You can either accept or reject them, it’s up to you. Click here for more information about the Freelance Home Writer program and learn how to make money as a Freelance Writer.

3. Ebay - Yes, ebay. As long as there are College Students, there’ll be some students who need money and those who are making money. You could easily sell stuff for other Students and take a small commission from them. A better way would find Dropshippers and Wholesalers. This is how many Power Sellers make their living from eBay. Back when I made money with Ebay, I visited Garage Sales and Estate Auctions to buy stuff to resell. It wasn’t until I got the FREE Ebay For Dummies starter kit (I think I had to pay 2 bucks for shipping) that I really started making some good money. This starter kit is full of tips and advice for people wanting to make money with ebay. It also has lists of Dropshippers and Wholesalers that you can use. Click here for more information on this free starter kit.

4. Become an Online Tutor - I’m not sure what this pays, but I’ve known people in the past who have worked with companies like e-Tutor, SmartThinking and Tutor.Com. Online tutoring is an in-demand service and growing all the time. If you like helping others learn, this could be just the ticket for you. You will have to set aside a certain number of hours per week, anywhere from 2 hours on up on average depending upon which service you go with.

5. Give eLessons - Do you know MS Word inside and out? Can you make an Excel spreadsheet scream for mercy? Can you work magic with Quicken? Well, there are thousands of people who just want to know the basics of these programs or are looking for some updating. You can advertise on places such as Craigslist and Kijiji or even the local newspaper. You’d be surprised at the number of people just wanting to learn the basics on operating a computer and who are willing to pay someone to teach them!

I hope this will help.


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