Friday, July 31, 2009


If you plan to sell products or services online, I am sure you would want to know what kind of products are highly sought by your potential customers. Find out the following useful and easy ways of what your customers want.

Ask your customers

Instead of looking for what is hot in the market, you can ask your potential customers what they would like to buy in the future. If you have a list, it is even easier to implement because you can just send out an email to your list and ask them what sort of products or services they would want to buy. This information can be very valuable especially when you are considering a new project. Furthermore, this information is free without having to pay a dime.

For example, you could conduct a simple survey among your site visitors and see whether they are interested in buying "How To" kind of e-book or reports. Do keep in mind that in order to increase the rate of response, you can offer freebies to your visitors in return for spending time to furnish you their opinion and feedback.

Visit popular shopping sites

Another easy way to find out the hot trend of certain products is to visit famous shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay. Check out the hot selling items under the category that you are targeting

Besides, you can check out the hot topics in magazines that are relevant to your target audience. It is a good indication that an item can be sold well if it is frequently discussed and reviewed.

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