Thursday, December 31, 2009


For you to become a successful Amazon Affiliate Marketer, like other Internet Millionaires, you must have a website or blog like mine. After you’ve done that the next step is to go to Amazon Website Site then click on “Join Associates on the left hand side of the official home page.

Fill out their application to become one of their Affiliate and give genuine information after that provide them with your website details i.e. web address, web description or purpose of the site because that is what will determine the ad being displayed in your website

After that review your information and submit the application and Amazon will reply within 24 to 48 hours if they will accept or decline your request as per joining their associates.

If you are then approved, Amazon will give you the necessary links usually some pieces of html and javascript code to place on your site so that your site visitors can order directly from your site.

Decide from Amazon catalog the type of produce you would like to offer your customers and submit this information to Amazon, place the Amazon piece of code on your website and you are ready to earn from affiliate booty.

Amazon will send your daily report of activities from your website or blog. Keep these emails to track your affiliate earnings.


If you have problem with inserting the codes to your website or blog don’t hesitate to inform me.


You will not receive a referral fee for any product your customers purchase from Amazon its only the product you recommended for example if you recommend a book title and your customer buys that book you will be given the referral fee.


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