Monday, September 28, 2009

Using Good Keywords | How to DiscoverThem / Benefits

It now easy for anybody to create a website. You don’t need to be a programmer, web designer or graphics designer. With numerous tools online now for website designing you can easily setup a website in less than 5 minutes.

But getting visitors to the website is the problem, coz even if you have add nice contents to your website and you are not getting visitors to read it then its as good as nothing. So to have your site found by people who are looking for the information, you will need to ensure that the search engine, which index your site are getting the right information to index on. I also recommend you read more on my previous article on Search Engine Optimization.

So for the search engines to get the right message, they rely on what keyword they find in:

* The title of your website (within the title tag).
* The words or phrases in your site's URL.
* The content of your site.

Well-written "natural" content is the best way to include keywords in your content, and those other places mentioned, but just what keywords should you use to include there?

Fortunately, most of the tools that can give a good guide to what keywords will be most effective, in terms of both searches per month and the number of results returned, are freely available.

Google Trends:
Show the trends in searches over time. This will let you know if the keyword is maintaining popularity.
Google Suggest: this is the small window, which drops down in the search bar when you type in a search. Start with the phrase you really want, then look down as you type to see other suggestions, and the amount of results returned. Basically these results are your competition .
Google AdWords Tool. Handy to show searches for many related keywords.
Your own Brain!..yes selecting keywords has a certain amount of skill associated with it, but the most important thing to do is put yourself in the shoes of someone who might be searching for your formation, and imagine what they would search for.

One more thing ... The fewer competitors you have on your keyword the higher the page rank for your website.


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